Sr. Information Security Analyst


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Sr. Information Security Analyst
Location- San Antonio, TX

On Site

Bill Rate- $50 hr on W2

Required Skills:

  • Single Sign-On configuration using SAML, OIDC, SCIM – 5 years
  • SSO Troubleshooting skills – 5 years
  • Highly technical, analytical and communication skills in SSO design, implementation and delivery – 5 years

What are the top three technology tools this resource must have knowledge using?        

  • Okta, Azure SSO/AD, Password Safe

Job Description:

  • Information security analysts are responsible for providing security solutions for their companies.
  • Their main duties include doing research, collecting data, developing secure strategies and maximizing productivity.
  • They also are in charge of implementing security principles while following strict privacy policies.
  • Information security analysts have advanced skills when it comes to finding security threats and other vulnerabilities.
  • They conduct assessments of enterprise environments and frequently monitor logs and computer traffic.
  • Information security analysts coordinate update initiatives for existing technologies in their companies to minimize downtime and avoid security contingencies. They document security breaches and proceed according to company rules.
  • They must know how to effectively operate company infrastructure such as routers, firewalls, and other hardware devices.
  • They work in an office setting with other technology professionals to accomplish company goals.

Job ID: JOB-231284
Publish Date: 19 Sep 2023

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