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Job Description

RStudio Engineer                                                               **Remote**                                                  6 months

  • 2+ years of RShiny using modules,
  • VisNetwork, RShiny Dashboard Plus, R6, JavaScript , HTML, plumber.
  • Familiarity working with RStudio Connect, RStudio Workbench.
  • RStudio Package Manager, code profiling, source code management (Git), Unix shell scripting


  • Desirable to Have:

    iGraph, openxlsx, RDFLib, JSON-LD, logger, Lintr, DT.

    shinyjs, shinycssloaders, renv, dplyr, foreach, microbenchmark,

    Cairo, grid, gridEstra, leaflet, sunburstR, xml2, yaml, bslib, digest.

Job ID: JOB-203074
Publish Date: 15 Aug 2022

Tagged as: RStudio Engineer