Incident Based Logistics Agent


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This is a Contract Opportunity with our company that MUST be worked on a W2 Only. No C2C eligibility for this position. Visa Sponsorship is Available! The details are below.

Job Title: Incident Based Logistics Agent  

Duration: 4+ Months

On Site

Location: Tampa, FL

Job ref#236287


  • Each Incident Base (IB) provides Transportation, Laundry and Meals for foreign crews.
  • This position is responsible for assisting the respective Transportation, Laundry and Meals Team Leaders in administering these services.
  • This position works closely with the IB/BC Logistics Group Leader.



  • Report to the IB/BC Logistics Group Leader at your assigned location.
  • Your specific duties as Logistics Agents may change daily and are not limited to those listed in this job description.
  • A basic overview of duties you may be asked to assist with is listed below:
  • AM shift: Assist with greeting buses arriving at the IB/BC site to ensure the bus has arrived at its intended destination. Assist with directing crewmembers to the dining areas for breakfast or to the Laundry drop-off location. Assist with receiving and document all out going laundry bags in preparation of transport to the laundry facility. Assist with breakfast services and dining area preparedness. Assist with boxed lunch and snack bag distribution to crewmembers. Assist with overall Incident Base/Base Camp order and cleanliness.
  • PM shift: Assist with receiving and accounting for processed laundry from the laundry transporter. Assist with dining area preparation for evening meals. Assist with distributing processed laundry to correct crewmembers. Assist with supplying laundry bags and laundry kits to new crew members on the first evening they arrive at IB/BC. Assist with destination signage for busses that will be returning crew members to their hotels. Assist foreign crew members in boarding the correct bus. Assist with overall Incident Base/Base Camp order and cleanliness.


Job ID: JOB-236287
Publish Date: 02 Jul 2024

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