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Fullstack Developer – W2 ONLY

*************NO C2C*************

Location: Onsite in Plano, TX hybrid

Schedule: (Mon & Fri remote/Tue-Thu onsite)

Contract: 5 months+

Job Description

  • Develop distributed micro services using Java, SpringBoot and maintain the lifecycle of these microservices.
  • Design and develop APIs for communication within applications with enterprise compliance and standards.
  • Develop lambda functions in python and deploy to AWS.
  • Creation and support of development automation processes (CI/CD) with appropriate checks.
  • Ensure compliant and quality code with tools like SONAR and checkmarx.
  • Maintain 85% JUNIT coverage on development.
  • Implement functional tests with cucumber and performance with jmx to health check the applications in different environments.
  • Deploy the changes to different environment using opensource tools GITHub, Jenkins and AWS.
  • Validate and verify the component in Sandbox, QA and performance.
  • Release the component to staging and production after all checks are passed.
  • Implement monitoring process to track application behavior.

SCRUM activities

  • Participate in Agile activities like daily standup, grooming, retrospective and demos.
  • Participate in code review, troubleshooting and knowledge sharing sessions among developers.
  • Document the progress and status in worker tracker JIRA.
  • Collaborate with and across Agile teams to design, develop, test, implement, and support technical solutions in full-stack development tools and technologies.
  • Analyze the impact of requirements and estimate the story points for each user story based on the complexity.

Cyber Initiatives

  • Data protection of sensitive customer information in S3 buckets, at REST by encryption.
  • Event logging with AVRO pattern in snowflake for reporting.
  • Periodic upgrades to internal framework, Spring boot framework and AWS resources.
  • Monitor Whitesource security vulnerabilities and licenses and upgrade dependencies as per recommendation.
  • Protection of confidential data and accessible only from vault.
  • External team co-ordination
  • Work with cross functional teams to discuss, recommend, explain, and reconcile desired functionality and technology capabilities.
  • Intake requests from business agents which include improvements, issues, bugs and provide any feasible workarounds.
  • Interact with Site Reliability Engineers for any production access tracked by ChangeManagement in ServiceNow.
  • Co-ordinate with external vendors like eOscar used to verify the disputes created by users on credit reported.


  • Maintain and monitor AWS resources like ECS, S3, EC2, IAM and RDS.
  • Monitor Grafana dashboard for health checks and static code analysis.
  • Design and implement alerts for exceptions that need attention using log patterns from Splunk.
  • Provide appropriate reporting to business agents with SQL or splunk scripts.





Job ID: JOB-235661
Publish Date: 22 May 2024

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