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Title:  Deployment Lead
6+ Months  On-Site and Some Travel

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Pay rate: $33-$37/hr

Job Summary

Team Lead will, under general supervision, install, maintain, and upgrade workstation hardware, software, and operating systems across the PC estate in line with the ongoing refresh program of work. Initially, the Team Lead will lead the core team. The team size may be adjusted as confirmed by leadership, through the governance process.

The team will receive hardware from customers warehouse supplier and apply the necessary software before liaising with the end user for delivery and sign off. The team will transport the hardware to the customer’s location and validate and obtain signoff from the end user for the new workstation.

The team will be responsible for the following specific activities:

  • Ensuring the workstations have the appropriate software installed.
  • Ensuring the required device testing has been completed (all required components of devices are packaged together)
  • Assisting with unboxing of materials as necessary
  • Verifying the correct quantity of workstations have been delivered to locations.
  • Recording device numbers for translation back into CMDB for workstation information
  • Communicating with the end user through email, instant messages, or by phone as necessary.
  • Communication may include awareness to the customer that they are getting a new endpoint, software confirmation, delivery schedule times, and other information as deemed appropriate.
  • Working with the requisite end user teams regarding workstation refresh signoff
  • Providing customer project team status updates and progression

Additionally, the team lead will be responsible for the following:

  • Participate in calls with the customer team to update status.
  • Visit customer sites, per mutually agreed upon schedule to ensure timely delivery and signoff of workstations.
  • Provide daily email updates to customer team regarding status/questions/concerns.
  • In collaboration with the customer, the team lead will recommend and/or propose continuous improvements for re-engineering tools and processes to make the end-to-end process more efficient.
  • The team will participate in daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings with customer to review status and resolve issues as and when they arise.


Job ID: JOB-233433
Publish Date: 13 Feb 2024

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